In-class lesson plans

  • Formal Teacher-Student resources for ongoing learning in school wellbeing/pastoral care programs
  • Year round, measurable, student-led engagement to the YOU CHOOSE mission
  • Teachers provided with professional support to optimise program outcomes

Teacher-Student resources

YOU CHOOSE is much more than an annual presentation. It is a long-arc student-led program backed by a formal pedagogy, aligned to the Personal and Social Capability objectives of the Australian Curriculum.


YOU CHOOSE provides teachers and students with lesson, workshop, activity, personal & group enquiry, leadership and assessment resources for use in-class throughout the year as part of the school wellbeing or pastoral care schedule.


Developed with input from education professionals, behavioural academics and survey data collected directly from teens; these support tools embed expectations, commitments and permissions inspired by the presentation phase, as enduring attitudes and behaviours. Reflections about intentions, choices, actions and outcomes are revisited in ongoing wellbeing/pastoral care classes. The measurable framework is readily deployable for teachers and practically relatable for students inside every friendship group.

‘How do we protect each other, our families and our community from preventable regret, harm, crime and tragedy?’’Why are these things so prevelant in our community?’ ‘What does collective action look like?’ ‘When the moment arrives for personal accountability, here’s how we speak up’ ‘What are the moments?’  ‘These are the actions…’ 
Teachers are provided with a YOU CHOOSE Teacher Support Manager – a professional educator who assists with facilitation queries and guidance required to optimise program outcomes.
A self-sustaining school tradition of making and of advocating good choices when it counts, is built using YOU CHOOSE Teacher–Student Resources.