live4lyss & the yore4


Live4Lyss is an important community road safety awareness campaign, based in the Moreton/North Brisbane region.

Kellie, Troy, Adam and Ella Postle lost their beloved 17 y.o daughter and sister – Alyssa – to wholly preventable road trauma in August 2020 when she was a passenger in a car being driven recklessly. Lyss was a genuine community treasure who is missed by the many thousands of people she enriched with her beautiful energy at school, athletics, swimming, netball and in everything she did.

The Postles and Live4Lyss are key supporters of the YOU CHOOSE mission and uplift their community as strong advocates of the YOU CHOOSE principles of Love, Family and the Empowerment of Choice

The Yore4

The ‘Yore4’ are Mandy, Shane, Rhys and Mitchell Yore of Yeppoon in Central Queensland. In January 2021, 16 y.o Rhys passed away tragically as a passenger in a completely avoidable crash caused by speeding. Rhys was a champion Rugby League player, fisherman, surfer and adventurous outdoorsman who was well known and much-loved in his town and throughout the entire Capricorn Coast.

The Yores are active and outspoken road safety awareness campaigners in Central Queensland who engage a broad range of community stakeholders with their vital insights and perspectives. The YOU CHOOSE mission is championed by the ‘Yore4’ throughout the region – encouraging teens and people of all ages to reject the passivity of luck and embrace the accountability of choice.

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