Student Leadership

The community-owned YOU CHOOSE Youth Road Safety mission is about every participant taking on board:

  • Passionate advocacy for changed passenger and driver behaviours
  • Personal accountability for protecting themselves, their friends, their family and their community from  preventable tragedy
  • Individual leadership to uplift others in the mission to save lives on our roads

YOU CHOOSE program participants volunteer in every school to be custodians of the mission in their campuses and in their communities. They are supported by YOU CHOOSE to engage their peers, teachers and parents with ongoing messages about matching intentions to actions though the power of choice .

Awareness activities and calls-to-action are established as school traditions as the YOU CHOOSE mission is passed onto each successive senior school cohort.

Above all, the concept of leadership is explored inside each friendship group and social network. Pemissions-to-speak/Permissions-to-act are exchanged. “Leadership can happen between any two people…even in those briefest of opportunities in moments-that-matter”

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Together, we can reduce youth road trauma with immediate effect. Include YOU CHOOSE in your wellbeing schedule today.