YOU CHOOSE Youth Road Safety’s constituted social purpose is to deliver the program to every Australian High School; and to facilitate an enduring youth-led social mission to change Australian driving culture.


YOU CHOOSE does not receive government funding for its school programs 

With your help, YOU CHOOSE can achieve the aim of delivering the social-project to every High School student in Australia.

Together, we can uplift the current generation of new passengers and drivers to be the first generation to permanently change  driving culture…

Your donation will have an immediate and practical impact. Thank you…

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YOU CHOOSE Youth Road Safety is a fully registered not-for-profit charitable organisation.

YOU CHOOSE Youth Road Safety is overseen by an independent non-executive board of directors, compliant to legislation administered by the Australian Charities & Not-for-Profit Commission (ACNC).

Advocate to your School or Local Council

YOU CHOOSE does not fund dozens of employees or contractors who approach organisations to participate in the program.

We rely on community advocates just like you to contact your local schools, P&Fs or municipal council’s youth/community engagement officer, with a request that they engage YOU CHOOSE Youth Road Safety.

Together, we can uplift every community to protect every-day families from the tragedy of road trauma; and empower our young people to ‘Own the Choice Own the Outcome’.

You can download a suggested request letter here.

Please copy YOU CHOOSE with your request on

Thank you… your advocacy has a direct effect on safer roads and saving lives.

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