teacher support manager

teacher support manager

Gina Connolly

Gina is an extensively experienced teacher, with a strong background in holistic approaches to senior school education. She is passionate about student-led wellbeing programs and seeking innovative methods to uplift teens to personal accountability and peer advocacy.

From a lived experience perspective, Gina’s family business is funeral services, which has involved contracts in context with road trauma and frequent cooperation with Police Services. This has been a powerful motivator behind Gina’s determination to contribute to preventing  avoidable tragedy, using inclusive social-project concepts with young people.

In addition to her qualifications as a professional educator, Gina holds a Marketing Degree with Honours.

Since her introduction to YOU CHOOSE in 2021, Gina has become a highly energetic community advocate of the mission. As Teacher Support Manager, she provides ongoing analysis and development of the YOU CHOOSE program; and assists teachers to optimise in-class facilitation and delivery.

Gina’s 19 year-old daughter, Mia, is on her Green P-Plates; and her 15 year-old son, Max, is soon to be an L-Plater.

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