A few words about the YOU CHOOSE program…

…there is no doubt that all who experience this presentation are profoundly impacted to change their driving behaviours for the better… it is the most effective message of its type to young people that I have seen…”

Senior Constable Tracey Clouston

Queensland Police Service

…the content is confronting but provides students with the reality of the living consequences of mistakes made. Students in their senior schooling need to hear this vital message. As a professional educator, I have not witnessed a more powerful presentation.”

Scott Thomson - Principal

St Joseph’s College Banora Point

Without doubt, the ‘You Choose – Youth Road Safety’ presentation remains the session which has the most impact on our senior students. The delivery- genuine, raw, real and emotional- allows a connection with students on a level that ensures the messages will remain with them long after the presentation has finished. Road safety is just one aspect of the presentation, it also provides real life examples of courage, resilience and the ability to turn tragedy into something positive that benefits all. I implore all high schools to make this presentation a priority for their senior students.”

Matt Carroll - Head of Year 12

Marymount College

Thank you for arranging this presentation. Our family had one of the most meaningful discussions we have had in many years around the dinner table last night. We have two teenage drivers, a red P plater and a Learner. Our son Nicholas shared with us, without any prompting, what he learnt, what he had felt, and what he will do differently as a result of the presentation yesterday. Our family was so moved by the courage, pain and ultimately love for others that must be driving Melissa to share her story. Her pain and courage are literally lifesaving and we wanted to thank her and the school l for the gift our family has received from her.”

Lisa Lawton-Wade - Year 12 Parent

Newington College

I just wanted to say on behalf of my group and the Knox boys in my year, thank you so much for your presentation today, it is one of the first times I have ever seen any of my mates cry and I’m sure it has made a major impact on all of us – being known as the irresponsible group at school. I’ll give my mum that hug for you when I get home.”

Samson Nicholl - Year 12 Student

Knox Grammar School

I just wanted to say a huge thank you for your presentation today at my school. I know you probably get many messages like these, but I just wanted to let you know that your braveness and compassion really did impact my grade. I have never, ever, seen my grade so aware of the consequences that our own choices and decisions make. I believe that the majority of my grade has really woken up to the realities that getting behind the wheel holds, so on behalf of my grade I would love to personally thank you for what you did today. I will never completely understand your sadness but like you said today the feeling in the whole grade hit home deeply and will NEVER be forgotten. Thank you for what you’re doing, you are changing people’s lives.”

Sam Hewitsin - Year 11 Student

St Mark's Catholic Learning College

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